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YodiSafe – the facility management solution

Safety and health in the workplace and in public spaces

Probably we will see pictures with crowds less in the future. Distance rules, the increased need for safety and hygiene regulations will be with us for quite a while. The business world will revive, but new technologies are advancing and changing our shopping experience. The number of customers within stores will continue to be an issue. Standing in line outside a store is something we've already learned. So has the fact that some stores only allow entry with shopping carts or by order. What is still feasible in small and medium-sized stores requires more innovative solutions in larger stores.

The idea - Continuous recording of the number of people per area and advanced analysis of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity or CO2 content.

The goal - Immediate and direct response to excessive space occupancy and poor space ventilation. Improving the service offered to customers (better planning of shopping trips and increasing

Facility Management - YodiSafe

The solution: YodiSafe

The Main Dashboard

Main Dashboard - YodiSafe

Clear display of all essential factors:
  • Number of people per area (room, zone)
  • Environmental factors (temperature, humidity, CO2 content, brightness, movement)
  • Instant notifications

Analysis and notifications

YodiSafe: Analyse


YodiSafe: Benachrichtigungen

Report types

YodiSafe: Berichtsart nach Tagen e.g. report by days


YodiSafe: Berichtsart nach Wochee.g. report per week

The YodiSafe app

Evaluated data can be displayed clearly on mobile devices via an app, allowing shopping visits to be planned more effectively. If a store is too crowded, for example, the app suggests alternatives.


YodiSafe: App

YodiSafe: App

Visible information for customers

Via display panels at the store entrance

YodiSafe: Anzeige 1Entrance possible


YodiSafe: Anzeige 2Please wait

How everything is captured - the camera as a sensor

  • Model APS-90E from Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH
  • Main task: people counting
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Complies with all GoBD guidelines
  • No face/person recognition, only forwarding of metadata (count states)
  • Limited shooting angle (overhead)
  • Low image resolution
  • Images cannot be zoomed in or out
  • Sensor cannot be moved automatically
Data sheet (PDF)
Kamera APS-90E

YodiSafe at a glance:

  • Software: Facility management solution YodiSafe from the Swedish company Yodiwo
  • exclusive transfer of metadata
  • Analysis of various data to shorten queues and determine the best "hotspots" in the store
  • Various measurements possible - for terrain, buildings, floors or sections
  • Recording of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, CO2 content, brightness, movement)
  • Simple, descriptive app for retrieving metadata
  • Centrally viewable data for store chains
  • Hardware: 3D camera (Advanced People Sensor (APS-90E) from  Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH
  • Absolute anonymity due to top-down view and low resolution; immediate deletion of data

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