Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Successful retail management and POS solutions

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a system that supports multi-channel retail distribution.

With Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Commerce, you gain access to a set of advanced features and capabilities tailored to the unique needs of modern retailers.

Seamless Omnichannel
Engage customers across multiple platforms with seamless omnichannel. Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Commerce enables the integration of online, stationary and mobile channels. Whether customers start their shopping journey online and pick up in store, or browse in store and purchase online, the platform delivers a consistent and personalized experience with every interaction.

Advanced Inventory Management
Get rid of stockouts and overstocking with advanced inventory management capabilities. Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, track product movements between locations, and optimize inventory levels to meet demand while minimizing storage costs.

Augmented Customer Data
Understand your customers like never before with advanced analytical and reporting tools. Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Commerce provides deep insight into customer behavior, preferences and purchasing patterns, enabling you to deliver targeted marketing campaigns and personalized recommendations.

Flexible Payment Options
Offer customers flexible payment options to increase convenience and satisfaction. Whether traditional payment methods, mobile wallets, or buy now, pay later options, Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Commerce supports a wide range of payment solutions to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

Integrated Loyalty Programs
Build customer loyalty and generate repeat orders with integrated loyalty programs. Reward customers for their purchases, referrals and engagement while collecting valuable data to further personalize their experiences and strengthen brand loyalty.

Scalability and Flexibility
Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Commerce is designed to scale with your business. Whether you're a small boutique or an international retail chain, the platform offers the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs and grow seamlessly as your business grows.

Robust Security and Compliance
Secure your business and customer data with robust security and compliance features. Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Commerce adheres to leading security standards, ensuring that your sensitive information remains safe and compliant with applicable regulations.

Overview of Dynamics 365 Commerce

Advantages – Dynamics 365 Commerce

Multiple sales channels
in one system
customer experiences
Efficient adaptation
to changing market trends

FAQ - Dynamics 365 Commerce

Why is Dynamics 365 Commerce such a powerful tool?

Dynamics 365 Commerce offers omnichannel e-commerce solution that allows you to build a website, connect physical and digital stores, track customer behaviours and requirements plus deliver personalised experiences. The system can also significantly improve your operations and resource management as well as gain holistic insights to upscale your business.

How can Dynamics 365 Commerce help me build customer loyalty?

Commerce uses customer service tools to get a comprehensive view of the customer and respond to customer needs at all levels of engagement. These interactions are based on the customer's profile, history, and preferences that flow through physical and digital channels. With Commerce, you can support your employees in building lasting relationships through AI-based recommendations, ratings and reviews, customer insight and loyalty programs that increase brand attractiveness.

How can I optimise my sales operations?

Dynamics 365 Commerce uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning tools, which effectively improve sales and contribute to gaining a competitive edge.

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