Cegid Retail Y2 - Internationality

Legal regulations, country-specific requirements, the diversity of languages - with Cegid Retail Y2 challenges can be overcome easily

In recent years, there has been many changes related to POS systems. Companies are confronted with increased data protection requirements, changes in VAT regulations, legal standards or various control units, to name just a few. Keeping these requirements up to date in one or more countries at the same time is a huge effort and requires high level of discipline. As a consequence, many companies rely on agencies or partners to implement local regulations on site. This leads to a great effort put into coordination of those large projects to ensure that the same software is available in all regions.

Unique international approach

Cegid has therefore decided to provide and maintain all language and country versions. This means that all countries can be represented in a central database with accessibility to various functionalities. The Cegid Retail Y2 POS system is currently available in 26 languages and 75 country versions.






country versions




In practice, the focus is on the essential requirements of each country:
  • What are the legal and fiscal requirements?
  • Which local working methods and processes are known and have to be obtained?
  • How is the connection to third-party systems carried out? Is special hardware required?
  • In what way can cultural or regional standards be supported?

Furthermore, a distinction is made between basic requirements and additional, new ones that have to be implemented in the solution worldwide.

Basic requirements

Local requirements

Hardware TreiberDevice management

Elektronische BelegeElectronic bill

Tax management

Payment methods

DatenschutzData Protection

New requirements

MehrwertsteuerTax pressure

KundenerwartungenConsumer expectations


EchtzeitdatenCompliance Real Time

Virtuelle StandorteHyper-location


Countries with various requirements

The level of difficulty of individual countries is classified as easy, medium and difficult. The more complex and demanding the requirements in a country are, the greater the effort is to provide and maintain a local solution.
"Simple" cases represent small local adaptations or language barriers that have to be overcome. In "medium" cases special hardware requirements are added. Really "difficult" ones require additional extensive certifications including acceptance or local workflows and documentation or have complex, constantly changing legislation.
With the Country Compliance List - an overview of all supporting countries - Cegid offers a list of all functionalities that have realised.

The main information about Cegid Retail Y2 at a glance

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Integration and Future

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