Technologie - POSsible

POSsible - technology

Modern and modular

POSsible is a high-performing, modular POS system. The individual components operate autonomously and communicate asynchronously via a message bus.
This enables us to react flexibly and quickly to customer requirements.
POSsible can be used as a pure cash register for a single branch and as a branch system with integrated merchandise management for larger companies.

The POSsible architecture

As manufacturer and developer of the POSsible system , we can ensure
through our release management that bug fixes and customised plug-ins are integrated
into the standard version without affecting the development of the master branch.

Therefore, we guarantee update and release capability even with heavy customising.

Release management

Releasemanagement - POSsible

The master forms the basic application. The individual features or plugins can be developed in parallel without creating dependencies. For each release, it can be decided which components should be included. Development time and efforts are reduced, so we can react much more easily to new trends or requirements. As a result cross testing within the application and the error rate of the overall release are also noticeably reduced.

Local integration for offline operation
Both the cash register application and the back office run in the web browser are therefore platform-independent. Nevertheless, we can ensure offline operation through a local installation if desired. Hosting in the cloud is just as possible as a local on-prem installation. This cloud structure requires few resources at the POS. All major platforms (WIN, IOS, Android) can be used by the software on a classic cash register, a tablet or a mobile device. Hardware components only require platform specific drivers.

Modern technologies enable reliable solutions that can be scaled as required. Open interfaces (REST, SOAP, etc.) facilitate access from and to external services such as BI, ERP, CRM etc. This openness of the platform is extremely important for the POSsible system, as we have connected to many third-party software systems over the years, as well as diverse hardware platforms such as scales, valorisers, automatic pay stations, ticket machines, turnstiles, admission controls, payment terminals etc.

Integration of payment providers
In order to meet the requirements of financial law, especially in Germany (KassenSichV, GoBD, DSFinV-K) and Austria (RKSV), POSsible uses EFSTA's proven middleware. The middleware from treibauf-Pepper allows us to quickly integrate almost all common payment providers.

The POS system POSsible is continuously developed! In doing so, we agilely follow the MS POS project methodology.

"For our developments we rely on the proven technologies Java and Spring Framework. With the Cuba framework, we also have a tool that perfectly supports rapid application development on the Java platform. Based on Spring, it offers an exceptionally productive development environment for modular business applications and provides numerous ready-made components.
For the entire technology stack, the roadmaps for further development are publicly available. This gives us the opportunity to plan the products better. The free licences prevent vendor lock-in.
Our development process is aligned with best practices: Automation of build, test and deployment are a matter of course."
Volker Voigt, Team Leader Development MS POS

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