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Cegid Retail Live Store

The new generation of intuitive in-store apps for checkout, CRM, omnichannel and more

Cegid Retail Live Store is the newly designed UI of Cegid. Like Cegid Retail Y2, it has access to the central, global database of Cegid Retail. As a more modern checkout variant with new and attractive design, Live Store is ideal for specialised, international retailers with one or more branches.

What makes Live Store special
  • Can be used platform-independently - only a browser is required
  • Alternative use of the app on iOS, Android or Windows is possible
  • Different devices and platforms can be combined
  • The application has a responsive UI that automatically adapts to any device screen size
  • Configuration is possible in any CI
Smartphone 01 - Live Store
Smartphone 02 - Live Store
Smartphone 03 - Live Store

With Live Store you can offer your customers (even) more service

Your local branch staff can...
  • filter further information for the desired items and advise customers in a more targeted manner
  • display customer information (scan/search)
  • create and manage new customer accounts
  • track open orders
  • simplify the sales process
  • apply changes to the current shopping basket directly (discounts)
  • easily access stock control and product availability (shop central warehouse)
  • activate the product search (scan/manual)
  • create an order either for in-store pick-up or home delivery

With Live Store you have a complete checkout

For consultation and the checkout process, your store staff can use Live Store both in combination on mobile and stationary devices, or if preferred only on one of the other respectively. Management of the complete sale process and the ability to quickly fulfill customer requests are manifold, offering your staff a unique user experience.

Mobile and stationary combined

Sales stationary

Sales mobile

A typical sales transaction in the branch

1. Identify customer via scan or manual search
2. Identify item via scan or manual search
3. Add item selection to shopping cart
4. Assign each item: direct takeaway, delivery or collection

5. Start checkout and payment process
6. Select payment method and pay
7. Confirm transaction
8. Transaction is completed and saved in the database

With Live Store you get a real-time support for omnichannel scenarios

The standard version offers already a lot of support for many branch processes, such as:

  • Find in Store
  • Click and Collect
  • E-Commerce
  • Reserve in Store
  • Pick-up in Store
  • Ship to Store
  • Store to Web

With Live Store you optimise collaboration

Your branch employees can easily exchange information with their colleagues via MS Teams in Live Store, leave messages, share tips and experiences, pass on product know-how and much more. This constantly improves the collaboration between employees, branches and head office.

Kommunikation 1

Kommunikation 2

The MS Teams extension is integrated into Live Store, allowing a simpler communication: just select the recipient, such as the branch, head office or department, enter the text and press Notification. No need to switch to another app.

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