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Mastering challenges for over 18 years

With creative solution concepts, swift and flexible in implementation, we are your all-in-one partner. We think literally and stay focused on the way to success for our customers. We attach particular importance to innovative and future-oriented consulting.

"In projects we are guided by best practices and many years of product, industry and life experience to achieve best results for our customers. We believe in our motto: Profound preparation and expertise combined with many years of experience and a pragmatic, transparent approach lead to the achievement of the goals.” Konstantin Gergianakis, CEO MS POS

An experienced and qualified team of employees - specialists from the IT, retail and hospitality, multilingual support and our entire office team - all ensure that even highly complex customer requirements are handled reliably, smoothly and competently.

To ensure that this remains so, we invest in our employees through further development and training. We keep our know-how up to date so that we can react immediately to rapid industry changes. It is important for us to capture future developments at an early stage and actively adjust in our consulting services.

„What we are excited about?
Solving problems and having customers fully satisfied."
Niels Wosnitza, CIO MS POS

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Konstantin Gergianakis | CEO


"For me, everyday interactions with people mean both inspiration and challenge. Developing solutions and designing new concepts are always motivating tasks and enrich my daily work. Fair interaction with employees, suppliers and customers is our highest maxim."

Niels Wosnitza | CIO

Head of IT and Retail solution D365

"There is nothing more exciting than acquiring a new client and starting a new project. Diversity in the retail sector always inspire and motivate me!"

Mario Barac | Sales Management

Hospitality and retail

"I always want to give the maximum - for our customers, our partners and the company. I am motivated by the fact that I can help shape and build our customers success together with our team. I always find it exciting to meet new people and to inspire each other."

Karsten Perlin
Karsten Perlin | Projektleitung

Hospitality solution unTill®

"The special mix of hospitality and IT is a very exciting combination for me. Hardly any project is the same as another, there are many different concepts, everything has to be done very quickly. That's exactly what makes this job so special and varied like hardly any other in the IT industry. From this point of view, I particularly enjoy supporting our customers in their projects every day with a great and highly motivated team."

Ronny Reinbold / Product Manager

Hospitality solution unTill®

"The versatility and expandability of our unTill® POS solution inspires me every day. I am always happy to learn new things related to this system and to pass on the knowledge to my team, our customers and our partners. No day is like the other, more variety and freedom in the job is not possible."

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