Cegid Retail Y2 - Integration and future

Open systems with real-time data exchange offer decisive added value

Cash register system Cegid Retail Y2 is entirely based on Microsoft technology. Microsoft SQL DB database and Microsoft Azure cloud. Cegid Retail Y2 open architecture enables complete support of all essential POS functionalities.

Cegid supports the main ERP, PIM and CRM as well as all e-commerce platforms. Also, all major payment providers are connected and loyalty systems are integrated. Cegid offers various possibilities: from simple flat files for mass data to ready-made web services for real-time exchange of information. Thus, integrations can be implemented quickly and reliably.

The business logic of Cegid Retail Y2 serves as the basis, using by various front ends. The classic Y2 cash register, the shopping module or the MPOS on IOS and the inventory application on Android. Also innovative Cegid apps, which access the existing logic, are highly useful. All those tools open up further opportunities to personalise the individual approach to customers in the shops and to optimise the conjunction of e-commerce and stationary trade even more.

Complementarity of web services

Integration und Zukunft - Cegid Retail

The future of Cegid Retail Y2

Further development of POS system is based on three main pillars:

  • Processes and functionality improvements
  • Focus on the cloud
  • Expansion of internationality

With each release Cegid Retail Y2 becomes more innovative and user-friendly. The customer UI is revised and new apps gain more functionality and integration possibilities. All those improvements are intended at providing a solution that can fit various businesses, offer store employees ideal working conditions and enable easy access to information so that customers can be served in the best possible way.

Cloud offer is being continuously expanded and the international availability of the cloud is growing. Recently a third POD was added in Singapore, so that now 3 PODs offer low latency connections worldwide.

Also, in terms of law requirements Cegid rises to the challenge. Many fiscal regulations such as those in Central Europe have been changed. In response to those changes Cegid team provides regular updates, thus ensuring data and legal security.

The Cegid Future Store

The Cegid Future Store in Lyon offers a good look into the future. It is located at Cegid's headquarters and can be visited at any time. Here you can experience simulated application examples, try out new technologies and test new innovations for everyday use. New use cases are created, put into practice and shared with customers. Partner solutions are also available for testing.

Since Lyon is always worth a trip, but not just around the corner for everyone, we would like to take you on a virtual tour of the Future Store with this video. Take a look at the world of tomorrow!

The main information about Cegid Retail Y2 at a glance

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CTA-Internationalität - Cegid Retail

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Cegid Retail Live Store

Smartphone 01 - Live Store
  • Improved service for your customers
  • Intuitive handling for your staff
  • Complete checkout - mobile and stationary
  • Omnichannel scenarios in real time
  • Simplified communication between

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