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Select functionalities as required and extend them as required

Cegid Retail Y2 is a modular POS system. There are only a few basic modules needed for immediate use. Additional modules can be easily added whenever required. That approach allows you to plan your project in steps, start with the basic functionality and add more as soon as your organisation is ready. Furthermore, this process gives you the freedom to react to market developments as soon as new trends emerge.

With Cegid Retail Y2 you can focus on the checkout or use the POS system as a complete retail solution that manages stock levels, replenishment, customer data, vouchers, personnel, budgets, conditions, various types of shops and companies. The functionality can be controlled by country, allowing you to work in different ways depending on country-specific requirements. And all this in a central, cloud-optimised database.

If you are missing certain functionality that is important for your business, the system can be adapted to your needs at any time. Cegid Retail Y2 is scalable. A small company with a few branches can be covered as well as a large, multinational retail group with hundreds or thousands of branches all over the world.

Module - Cegid Retail

All available modules in Cegid Retail Y2

Omnicommerce Management - Cegid Module

Warenfluss, Bestand - Cegid Moule

Einkauf - Cegid Module

Verkauf - Cegid Module

Kasse - Cegid Module

CRM - Cegid Module

Personalverwaltung - Cegid Module

Budgetverwaltung und Planung - Cegid Module

Berichterstattung und BI - Cegid Module

Anbindung an Finanzsysteme - Cegid Module

Länderkonformität - Cegid Module

Verwaltungs- und Wartungstools - Cegid Module

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CTA-Internationalität - Cegid Retail

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Integration and Future

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Cegid Retail Live Store

Smartphone 01 - Live Store
  • Improved service for your customers
  • Intuitive handling for your staff
  • Complete checkout - mobile and stationary
  • Omnichannel scenarios in real time
  • Simplified communication between

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