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Handhelds have played an important role in the hospitality for years and many businesses can no longer do without them as practical companions. Orders are entered directly at the table and transmitted to the kitchen and bar via wireless, including special requests and menu order. Increased throughput, more efficiency and the reduction of run times create room for perfect service. The intuitive user interfaces enable short training times and makes it easier for temporary staff to get to work quickly and easily. The ergonomics, design and robustness of mobile devices are now so sophisticated that they are suitable for any application - whether for indoor or outdoor catering or as a flexible additional checkout during busy periods.

The use of handhelds and tablets is also becoming increasingly important in the retail sector. Customers can obtain detailed product information or information on individual items directly, and their availability can be checked online. If you want to score points today, you have to impress customers with individual service and provide them with a special shopping experience. This is the only way to strengthen long-term customer loyalty and build up a satisfied, loyal customer base.

Selection of handhelds for your point of sale

Below we have listed three particularly tried-and-tested models for the hospitality and retail sectors:


Orderman5 and Orderman5+

powerful - robust - profitable

The Orderman5's powerful inner workings, combined with its durable exterior, make it indispensable for any business or customer-oriented operation. A device that meets the highest requirements and ensures smooth workflows every day.

The Orderman5 is available in two versions:

  • Orderman5   the basic model
  • Orderman5+ with Bluetooth and NFC for connection to the belt printer
Product characteristics
  • Large, high-contrast 5‘‘HD screen, excellent readability, even in direct sunlight
  • High quality materials and especially durable construction, dust and water resistant
  • Powerful, rechargeable battery, runtime up to 18 hours, can be replaced in seconds
  • User-programmable side buttons for frequently used functions
  • Touch screen can be operated by finger or using a touch pen
  • Incl. 2 years CareGold, warranty can be extended up to 5 years
Data sheet (PDF)


Orderman9 / Pro

faster - more reliable - more versatile

With the Orderman9, you are holding the future of the restaurant industry in the palm of your hand. As the market leader for mobile ordering devices, we’ve made sure our newest handheld meets the demands of modern service requirements by focusing on customer proximity, efficient processes, and flexibility.

Product characteristics
  • Reliable, future-oriented WIFI and LTE technology
  • Powerful replaceable battery lasts the whole shift
  • Orderman management software for easy installation & maintenance
  • Large, high-contrast 5.5 inch IPS LCD screen with high brightness
  • User-programmable side buttons for frequently used functions
  • Useful accessories make everyday work easier
  • Orderman installation service for easy implementation
  • Up to 5 years Care Gold warranty
Data sheet (PDF)

Apollo MT-51

Apollo MT-51 Rev.2 Android Handheld

durable - efficient - stable

The Apollo MT-51 Rev.2 rugged handheld terminal is developed for a wide range of applications in the mobile field services. With its small form factor and lightweight design of only 220 grams service staff in the hospitality environment can easily put the device into their pocket. The 5-inch display provides all the needed screen estate for any type of mobile application.

Running with Android 9 the device utilizes better performance improvements and battery usage optimization and many new software features. With its Wi-Fi and 4G LTE network capability your operation is always connected. Furthermore, the MT-51 Rev. 2 supports functions such 2D barcode scanning, NFC, GPS, photographing and voice communication. It is also best suitable for outdoor use with its dust and water resistance of IP65.

Product characteristics
  • Operating system Android 8.1
  • Capacitive 5-Point-Touch screen, Display 5’’ (1280x720)
  • Short charging time, 4500mAh, charge time 5 hours, battery can be changed during operation, expected battery life 10 hours
  • Expandable with barcode scanner, NFC, RFID card reader
  • 2 years warranty
  • 5-inch IPS display with 720 x 1280 resolution
  • Anti-scratch touch panel
  • Lightweight design
  • Integrated 2D scanner
  • Water and dust proof with IP65
  • NFC
Data sheet (PDF)

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