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POSsible is an independently developed POS system for the specialised, chain store retail sector. POSsible is consistently modular , the latest version is SaaS-based.
For many years, POSsible has proven itself in various customer projects. Whether classic retailer, trade fair company, amusement park, mountain railway or ship, outlet store or large garden market - to almost all requirements and challenges we can say: "Yes, this is "POSsible".

POSsible was developed modularly from the beginning. Individual processes can be integrated without changing the core of the application. This means that almost every customer request can be taken into account. The user interface can be freely designed without any restrictions. The customer receives all the advantages of a standard system such as update and release capability, new functions and updates in combination with an almost completely individualised system, lean and without unnecessary detours with outstanding performance at supermarket level and an open architecture.

For many retailers, the internal processes are individual and specific, both in terms of the shops and checkout. The optimal coordination of these processes forms an essential part of the company's success. Should these be retained or perhaps adapted even more individually to modern requirements? A standard product would have to be redesigned at great expense and would no longer be capable of being released or updated.

What makes POSsible stand out

POSsible is the result of more than 20 years of experience in user practice and in-house development.
This enables you to:

  • customise plugins and user exits
  • freely configure cash register interfaces
  • have individual receipt and report layouts
  • access interfaces to real-time information systems and Power BI
  • use individual merchandise management and financial accounting interfaces
  • maintain connection to web portals & webshops
  • take advantage of customised mobile solutions

When POSsible fits best

POSsible is the right solution for you if your company meets one or more of these requirements:

  • active in the DACH region
  • has a branch office
  • already works with a central ERP system and is looking for a separate independent retail/checkout system
  • operates in specialised retail
  • ERP-system/merchandise management

Why is POSsible the perfect POS system for you?

As a customer, you get exactly the functionalities you imagine for your business and your requirements. Completely equipped with your own special user interface. If your processes change, future requirements can be implemented easily and cost-effectively - because POSsible is a modular system. The SaaS platform reduces maintenance and increases security. POSsible still remains release and update capable.


POS system POSsible

- our own development -

After the acquisition of F&G by MS POS in early 2021, the POSsible logo received an update to match MS POS's corporate design.


Milestones in the development of POSsible


„Customers want to differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out in the courtship of the customer. Therefore, individual processes at the point of sale are necessary. Standard POS solutions are now far too cluttered and inflexible. This is where POSsible's is the best fit solution: a modular system from which customers only choose what they need. This allows us to react individually to customer requirements.
POSsible is therefore the ideal addition to our portfolio!“
Konstantin Gergianakis, CEO MS POS

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