Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Financial transactions management

Dynamics 365 Finance increases the financial transparency and profitability of a company with
  • real-time operations automation and performance monitoring
  • detailed views of all business metrics and transactional analysis that help prioritize and reduce errors
  • process automation that enables the optimization and minimization of costs and cash flow that is optimized through recommendations and proactive guidance based on machine learning. A flexible, rules-based chart of accounts allows for rapid adaptation to changing requirements
  • complete control over the company's finances
  • access to accurate forecasts and standardised, up-to-date reports that facilitate strategic decision making
  • multiple languages and currency options that enabled full automation and integration of all financial processes including accounting, budgeting and reporting across multiple locations. Individual modules are provided, including: general ledger, cash and bank management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, etc.

Overview of Dynamics 365 Finance

Advantages – Dynamics 365 Finance

Information covering
all legal entities
Flexible and extensive
Efficient, group-
wide controlling

FAQ - Dynamics 365 Finance

Is Dynamics 365 Finance compliant with the Polish and German Accounting Act and other provisions of Polish and German law?

The manufacturer of Microsoft Dynamics 365 system ensures that certificates of compliance with the Accounting Act are up to date. Those documents are provided by specialised consulting companies.

Is Dynamics 365 Finance suitable for servicing group of companies, including international ones?

Financial results for various companies in the group are combined into results for the one consolidated company. Individual branches may be located in different countries and may use different currencies. The system provides variety of options for data consolidation.

How can Dynamics 365 Finance help improve risk management?

Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to quickly adapt to changing local and global financial requirements using a flexible, rule-based chart of accounts. This tracking helps to precisely manage financial operations and risks, even with frequently changing legal requirements. The no-code configuration service simplifies regulatory and tax reports, e-invoicing, and payments. Dynamics 365 Finance’s regulatory features cover 37 countries and 42 languages. Its global electronic reporting features and configurable e-invoicing make it easy to adapt to frequent regulatory changes.

The key modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at a glance

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