Cegid Retail Y2 - Omnichannel

Definition, goals, requirements and implementation of various scenarios


Omnichannel means addressing the customer using various platforms (channels) with one, comprehensive offer. Customers can obtain information either in the classic store, online in the web shop or via partner platforms. They receive the same level of details on every channel. In addition, they have access to where and when the product is available on each platform at any time and order it directly. The customer decides where the item will be delivered to or he can pick it up himself - where and how it fits best.


Customers expect individual approach, for their shopping experience to be satisfying their expectations have be met and ideally should be exceeded. In it crucial in the process of strengthening customer loyalty and building a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship. The right approach includes being flexible enough as a company to be able to meet the needs of your customers:

"Unfortunately, we don't have the selected product, but I see it is still available in shop X. Should I have this article delivered? Or would you like to pick it up yourself? I would also be happy to show you article Y and accessory Y, so you would have a coherent overall picture.”

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Cegid Retail Y2 can map approx. 100 Omnichannel scenarios



In order to be able to provide customers with reliable data, all relevant systems must be interconnected and provide accurate and up to date information almost in real time. This applies to all interlinked sales channels (branch, online shop, partner shop etc.) and primarily concerns the product information as well as the secured data on the respective inventory. Here, fast data exchange is just as important as simple and efficient sales, delivery and ordering processes. In addition, more and more branches are being used as extended warehouses, forming as a result an additional channel (DOM - Distributed Order Management).


Accurate inventory, order and delivery management has always been one of the strengths of Cegid Retail Y2 solution. In addition, Cegid Retail Y2 can manage various storage locations per shop, such as central warehouses, online store or partner shops and various types of business units (own shops, franchise, shop in shop, etc.). Current stock levels, conditions and information on an item are supplied via web services. In addition, reservations are possible and agreements on pick-ups or direct deliveries.

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