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Maximum flexibility and performance through modular design

There are countless cash register systems that offer a wide range of functionalities and try to map everything. What is the result? The system is too slow and over complicated. That's why our solution called POSsible has been modularly designed right from the start. Individual modules can be added simply by activating the communication between them. It keeps the overall system lean and high performing and is more cost-effective. As a customer, you get exactly what you wanted and pay for exactly what you need. This is how we make everything "POSsible".

Another advantage of POSsible is that the system can be easily scaled. From a sales checkout for small shops to a point of service for large chain stores with inventory, local merchandise management and detailed customer information. It is also possible to create individual screen designs.

The system is constantly being developed

In the past years, we have been able to implement a multitude of functionalities that were part of various different projects. The experience, which we have gained enabled us to offer these essential modules:








Do you have a new requirement or a special request?

To implement the best possible solution in your POSsible system, we proceed as follows:

1. we record and analyse your needs and requirements

2. we then check whether these can be implemented using existing modules and functionalities

3. if it is not possible, we implement your special requirements in close cooperation with you as part of a software project

4. at the end of our joint development the result is a fragment of a solution that can be transferred to the system standard

Module - POSsible
"This is what we are committed to:
Even with a plug-in individually tailored to your needs,
your POSsible solution will always remain fully release- and update-capable!
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