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The ERP and POS system Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, the retail POS systems Cegid Retail Y2 and POSsible as well as the hospitality system unTill® are software solutions which can decisively advance the processes in your company. MS POS also offers support in choosing the optimal POS system for your needs.

"Sometimes it is necessary to think with an open mind and above all to remain realistic. Many companies need an external partner who can point out aspects that internally involved parties did not consider. Therefore we advise and accompany you in this process openly expressing our opinion. This makes it easier to implement innovations and to carry out a project in a target-oriented way."
Konstantin Gergianakis, CEO MS POS

The role of MS POS can vary:
  • As an external consultant
  • As an implementation partner of a new solution
  • As a individual partner who provides utter support
You can choose where and how to use our experience and expertise. Our approach:

"We operate as if we were a part of your business."

We ask ourselves the following questions in context of your organisation:
  • Why do I need a new POS system and what added value does it provide for my company? What are the goals of the project?
  • What is the minimum I want to achieve? - Project definition phase 1
  • What could possibly be useful in the future? - Project definition phase 2
  • Is the effort worthwhile in relation to the benefit? - ROI
  • Can I comply with industry standards and simplify the project? - Can standards be used?
  • What resources do I need? - Internal and external
  • What would be a realistic timeline - can I fulfil it? - Set fixed dates
  • What happens after the end of the project? - Is there any support?

In addition, our responsibility is to look ahead and beyond the horizon.

As consultants we point out typical stumbling blocks:

We gladly accept the role of a challenging partner and feel comfortable with it. Only with transparency, holistic consultation and thorough discussions can the best possible result be achieved. We highlight this in our Mission statement .

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