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More and more fiscal solutions have been introduced over the last few years. The most important of which are the fiscal printers. Their role is no longer limited to the purpose of generating receipts, fiscal chip or TSE, they also print invoices, vouchers, and coupons. Therefore, features such as printing speed, the ability to control printers from various devices or access to several different fonts play an equally important role.

Selection of printers for your point of sale

Below we have listed three devices that fulfil all given requirements:

Epson TM-T88 VI

Epson TM-T88VI

Speed champion

The TM-T88VI is the latest Epson receipt printer that works perfectly with both conventional PC-based POS systems and the increasingly popular web and tablet-based POS solutions. The speed of up to 350 mm/s is very impressive. The Epson driver enables optimum compatibility with all POS systems.

The most important details at a glance
  • Server Direct Print Function
  • Up to 350 mm/s print speed
  • Epson driver
  • Ethernet/USB/serial
  • Beacon support
Data sheet (PDF)
Epson TM-T88 VI Hauptbild
Epson TM-T88 VI Vorderansicht
Epson TM-T88 VI Rückansicht

Epson TM-T20III

Epson TM-T20III

The working machine

The TM-T20III provides a cost-effective POS solution with fast print speeds and economical features. The combination of its fast print speeds, high reliability and economical operation, make this printer a must-have for small retail and speciality stores, hospitality venues and grocery stores.

The most important details at a glance
  • Automatic paper reduction function
  • Up to 250 mm/s print speed
  • Ethernet/USB/serial
  • Epson driver
  • Mechanism life of 15 million lines
Data sheet (PDF)
PT RP-100 Hauptbild

Partner Tech – RP-100-300 II

Partner Tech – RP-100-300II

Price performance winner

The RP-100-300II operates with a speed of up to 300 mm/s at a resolution of 203 dpi. The compact size and integrated wall mount bracket make this reliable model ideal for various applications. A wide range of I/O, serial, Ethernet and USB ports enable easy installation and simple integration with many POS solutions.

The most important details at a glance
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Up to 300 mm/s printing speed
  • Quiet and small
  • Ethernet/USB/serial
  • 2 D barcode printing
Data sheet (PDF)
PT RP-100 Hauptbild
PT RP-100 von vorne
PT RP-100 geöffnet
PT RP-100 Anschlüsse

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