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MS POS launches a new service provider PANGEA TECH for European business with JANTAR and MOJOVIDA
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On July 26, 2023, our CEO Konstantin Gergianakis (MS POS GmbH) met with CEO Przemysław Targosz (Jantar Sp. z o.o.) and President Nicholas Vincent (Mojovida) in the Polish city of Łódź to establish the new company Pangea Tech. Pangea Tech appointed Mariusz Barycki (CTO Jantar Sp. z o.o.) as CEO of the company.

Pangea Tech is offering rollout, consultancy, support and project management for international retail and restaurant chains, covering whole Europe and Middle East. The main locations are the company sites of the three still independent companies MS POS GmbH in Willich/Germany, Jantar in Bielsko-Biala, Poland and Mojovida in Nozay, France.

Challenges and demands for retailers and restaurant chains are becoming increasingly diverse. The complexity of all these different markets, staff shortages and the always increasing demands in terms of country-specific conformity requirements, new trends and the presumed obligation to keep pace with ever increasing standards, adding also into the equation the rapid development in the IT sector and in new technologies - who can still keep up and maintain an overview?

That's why we founded Pangea Tech!

"Retailers and restaurant chains need to focus on their core business, especially when staff is scarce. Hence, Pangea Tech was founded, ready to help our customers with their rollout, provide them with consulting and support in Europe and the Middle East. Doing so, they can fully focus on their customers" Konstantin Gergianakis explains the strategic move.

Under the umbrella of this new company, Pangea Tech has at its disposal over 350 specialized technicians, consultants and support staff in Europe and the Middle East. With the international project experience of the three founding companies, customers benefit from the know-how of having country expertise. The employees know local requirements, laws, regulations and working methods and can take these into account in the projects from the very beginning.

"All employees have in-depth expertise and a wide variety of experience to solve even the most complex IT problems," says Konstantin Gergianakis, illustrating the excellent expertise that customers can rely on: more than 20 years of experience in retail and hospitality, and know-how in the areas of of payments, RFID, e-commerce, ERP, project management, consulting, hardware and labels.

Focusing on international customers from retail and hospitality

Pangea Tech's offering is designed for customers from retail and hospitality sectors with an international footprint. If they are planning the introduction of new software for their stores or planning the rollout of new hardware components, Pangea Tech takes over all tasks across all countries up to the go live. "MS POS, Jantar and Mojovida have been working together for years, so it was the right time to combine our experience and achieving a better synergy. Our joint customers will get the best we can offer as Pangea Tech," Przemysław Targosz, CEO of Jantar, affirms the common goals.

Pangea Tech supports entrepreneurs overall as a general contractor or only in partial areas. “Our Pangea partners share the same vision and culture and will allow Mojovida’s customer to benefit from a seamless organization for all their local settlements. Local follow-up with global methodologies and project management are the key success factors for new continent-wide projects,” adds Nicholas Vincent, President of Mojovida.ß-transparent-1.png
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