Upcoming events 2023
Have you already started planning your trade fair visits for 2023?
It's that time again! Trade fair time at MS POS!

For all retailers

As always, in 2023 also, EuroShop will be the international highlighted event for all retail technologies! We would like to invite you to Düsseldorf, where a broad specialised companies part of the retail sector, will meet in the exhibition halls on the banks of the Rhine and present to the audience their new products, ideas and innovations.

What will you expect from our stand? The latest developments of our three POS solutions of course!
From the D365 framework, there is the innovative warehouse management system based on D365 including efficient hardware tools. And, the brand new Hololens integration in D365.
With Cegid Retail Y2 we present to you the new, platform-independent checkout system ‘Live Store’ that includes the integration with Viva Wallet - one of the most innovative payment providers in the market.
And last but not least, after 2 years of development, we will present our new POS system POSsible. A modern cloud solution, that is modular, scalable and platform-independent. With an expandable architecture, based on your needs and will, that offers simple solutions, for update and release capability "on the fly".

You can book your appointment for EuroShop directly here ! We are looking forward to your visit!


For hospitality

Straight after Düsseldorf, our team will continue to Hamburg, where the leading international trade fair for the entire out-of-home market will take place. You will find us at the city centre, on the exhibition grounds of INTERNORGA. This trade fair is regarded as the industry meeting place to present innovations in the catering sector. For many, it is held as one of the main sources in the catering sector for trends, new concepts, products and services.

At our booth we will show our POS system unTill® as a central solution with various connections such as the self-ordering app Jamezz, the merchandise management system Orgasoft.NET from Signum, digital payment systems or customer loyalty and various loyalty programs. Of course, also many other future-oriented applications. Stop by, our team will be very happy to advise you on your business needs without any obligation.

You can book your appointment for Internorga directly here ! We are looking forward to your visit!

Viva wallet integration in Cegid Retail Y2

Good News

We have good news from our development department and have taken an important step towards integrating Viva Wallet into our Cegid Retail Y2 POS system: In the last few weeks our developers were able to develop a Cegid Y2 CPOS driver to work with electronic payments from Viva Wallet . Since Cegid offers its solution in over 69 country versions and currently in 22 languages, a provider that is similarly positioned (in Europe) is an ideal fit.


This driver enables merchants to integrate Cegid Y2 with Viva Wallet and the entire family of its terminals to take and manage in-store and card-present payments .

The terminal models supported include Q30 or IM30 Prolin terminal with a software version 4.13 or later. Any Axxx (e.g. A80, A920/A920 Pro) or IMxx series (e.g. IM30) Android card terminal with a software version 1.6.0 or later.

Viva Wallet POS terminals can receive requests for initiating transactions from a Cegid Y2 client connected to the same local wired or wireless IP network. Communication with the terminal is done through a TCP/IP connection.

The following transactions are supported
  • Electronic payment
  • Cancelation of payment
  • Refund
  • Settlement (print list of transactions per terminal) at the end of the day

Get more information to the POS
terminals here ...

Viva Wallet Next

Viva Wallet Next


In the future an implementation of the driver to be able and communicate with the terminals using Viva Wallet`s dedicated REST API (secure HTTP connection) is also considered. This will result into a more flexible and easier configuration. As soon as it is released we will implement and update the driver.

Good to know

Additional focus is of course the Viva Wallet POS app payment solution which will be supported also by the REST API. Using one device, especially a non-dedicated, is in our opinion the future in payment handling in the stores.

In addition to the innovative technology Viva Wallet is offering very attractive pricing. Just a flatrate with no hidden cost. As there is also no long-lasting contract to be signed it is easy to try it out for a month without any obligation. Just Contact us and we will provide you a competitive offer.

About Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet is one of the leading upcoming payment providers in Europe and is already present in 24 European countries.

Viva Wallet has extremely advanced technology and is one of the first companies to implement a software-based solution instead of a hardware-based solution, eliminating the need for additional hardware terminals.

Viva Wallet is the first European fully cloud-based neobank using Microsoft Azure. Viva Wallet offers businesses of all sizes the ability to accept cards via the innovative Viva Wallet POS app, additional devices with Google Play and sophisticated payment gateways in online shops. In addition, Viva Wallet supports corporate accounts with local IBAN and a corporate Viva Wallet Mastercard.

More information about Viva Wallet you can find here ...

D365 Commerce & Machine Learning

Automation of purchasing processes - image recognition at the POS

The modern running of retail stores is not as obvious as it was a couple of years ago. Strong competition on the market and constant innovations to attract customers are big challenges for all shop owners. Consumers nowadays are much more demanding and expect not only a good product but also a customer experience that has the potential to be remembered positively. Keyword: customer memory. In order not only to retain existing customers, but also to attract new ones, retailers must respond to the needs of the modern consumer by introducing innovative solutions in their stationary stores. By means of a personalised and digital customer approach as well as customer-specific marketing campaigns, it is also increasingly AI-supported approaches such as the digital recognition of products that positively support such a holistic concept. This is where D365 Commerce in conjunction with Customer Vision AI comes in.

Automatic recognition of products taken from the shelf and transferred directly into the virtual shopping cart? No problem with D365 Commerce and Custom Vision AI!

But what is in the background to enable digital shopping experiences?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce , for example, provides a solution with multi-channel e-commerce that allows you to create websites, connect physical and digital shops, track customer behaviour and requirements, and deliver personalised experiences. The system can also greatly improve operations and resource management, as well as gain a holistic view of the development of your business. You can create analytics for all areas of your retail and sales data, navigate a scalable commerce platform and significantly reduce your costs by optimising business practices.

The modern functionalities of Dynamics 365 Commerce are complemented by Azure Services , so technical capacities must be used economically and situationally.

Azure Custom Vision is an image recognition service that allows you to create, deploy and enhance your own image ID models. Image ID labels are recognised based on their visual characteristics. Each label represents a classification or object. Unlike an image processing service, Custom Vision lets you define your own labels and train custom models to recognise them.

In doing so, Custom Vision Vision uses a machine learning algorithm to analyse images and identify them based on various properties. The images are given their own custom labels (tags) at the time of upload. The algorithm trains on this data and calculates its own accuracy by testing itself on the same images. In subsequent use, offline recognition is also possible through an export!

Are you wondering how D365 Commerce and Azure Custom Vision can support your business? Feel free to Contact us. We have the experience, the know-how and together with you we will develop the right idea to add value to your customers' shopping experience - taking into account your economic interests.

Training done - goal bachelor

Conclusion and outlook after two years of training

A few months ago, I was able to report on my first year of training in a news article, and a lot has happened since then. In my second year of training, I was not only able to go through other departments of the company such as IT, Support, Consulting and Sales and learn a lot, but I was also able to shorten my training period by one year. However, this is only possible if you can prove that you have previous knowledge. With my training as an information technology assistant, I was lucky and was able to shorten my training by a full 12 months!

Turning three into two

With a precise goal in mind, to master the content of training years two and three in just one year, to bring the final examination forward by one year and to keep to a tight schedule, I set to work.

In the first year of training, attending vocational school was still a big mess. Poor organisation and communication on the part of the school due to the new challenges posed by the Corona pandemic meant that we didn't know our final class constellation and defined school days until two weeks after school started. A large part of the school year was spent in distance learning, as everywhere else. Fortunately, the next school year was a little more relaxed. Because we students were now much more disciplined, we were able to "enjoy" the lessons completely in presence. Since two others of our classmates were also shortening their training, our teachers did their best to prepare us for the upcoming exams.

Nevertheless, it was stressful, no question. At the end of March, we had to take the midterm exam, which for the first time in my year counted for 20 per cent of the final grade, followed by a 40-hour project paper on data protection and information security. However, I found this elaboration to be a pretty cool experience. For the first time, I was able to plan and implement a project completely on my own and finally present it to an expert committee.

A short breather and then it was time for the written final exams. And in June I was allowed to present my project work at the IHK, including a technical discussion. I had just 30 minutes for both. That was another challenge and I practised a lot on my presentation style in order to meet these requirements exactly. In the end - I did it! And with a really pleasing result!

I have to admit that, in looking back, shortening the training period was quite exhausting. I had actually imagined it would be a bit easier. But well, the decision was made and I don't regret it, because since a few days ago I have my degree in my pocket and can officially call myself "Businessman for IT and Systems Management"!

What's next?

Off to work! At least halfway. Because I decided to go one better and continue learning with a degree in business informatics. In fact, I had already started studying once, but then dropped out. That was before my training. At that time, my studies were far too theoretical and lacked any practical relevance. Today it's different, because I have also developed further. My personality has matured and I have learned a lot in my field. My attitude to learning has changed completely and the opportunity to put what I have learned directly into practice motivates me a lot. I am more or less ready for a new (old) challenge!

I am particularly pleased that my employer MS POS is supporting my plans. In the future, I will work 3 days a week in the consulting department and support the Cegid team as a junior consultant. I have already had the opportunity to work with the team over the past few months and can now hit the ground running. The rest of the time I will spend on the online campus of the International University of Applied Sciences and study hard for my degree in business informatics in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree in about four years.

Finally - and this is particularly important to me - I would like to mention that I look back on my training period at MS POS with many good memories. I would like to thank all my colleagues who always gave me advice and support and especially Konstantin Gergianakis and Niels Wosnitza for their full support. I am excited and look forward to what the future holds for me!

Review EuroCIS 2022

Many conversations, good mood, great demand - Review EuroCIS 2022

EuroCIS 2022 in Düsseldorf is over, the stand has been put away, the minutes of the leads are being taken care of and all our colleagues have returned to their daily business. What is our conclusion? Was the investment and effort worthwhile?

To use the words of the trade fair organisers: "EuroCIS 2022 exceeded expectations. Willingness to invest in technology in the retail sector is higher than ever. Positive mood in the exhibition halls - personal encounters are once again the focus."

This is how the organiser describes this year's trade fair and this could well be our statement about EuroCIS 2022. Although our participation was repeatedly thrown into disarray due to corona, we were well prepared and at the same time full of anticipation to finally speak live and face-to-face with our customers again. We did not know whether the fair would be successful in general and for us in particular. But the official figures speak for themselves: 9,010 trade visitors from 88 countries were counted during the three days of EuroCIS. 345 exhibitors from 33 nations took part on 10,721 m² net exhibition space.

Bild1 - Rückblick EuroCIS 2022
Great demand for retail technology

With our new, open trade fair stand in fresh orange and blue, a few fortifying smoothies and a motivated team, we were in Düsseldorf for three days. In Hall 09, we were able to present three POS solutions this year:

POSsible presented a new version of a flexible and modular solution for the specialised retail trade. The freshly developed version with the latest technology had its premiere at the fair.

With Cegid Retail Y2 , we presented a POS solution that can be integrated into any environment as a branch system. The focus was on the new front end "Live Store". The "Live Store" feature accesses the Cegid Cloud in real time, provides up-to-date information and facilitates the handling of various omni commerce functionalities.

How Microsoft 365 Commerce ensures a seamless customer experience inspired many visitors - no matter when, how and where the client buys, regardless of their end device. The revised unified commerce approach ensures a smooth customer journey across all online and offline channels. Artificial intelligence supports the employees in the branches and automates variety of processes.

Klaudia Woinska

Klaudia Woinska

Konstantin Gergianakis

Konstantin Gergianakis

Interview on the situation in retail

What the mood was like at the trade fair and why everything is moving a little slower in Germany, Konstantin Gergianakis, CEO of MS POS GmbH, explains which major topics are occupying the retail sector.

What expectations did you and your team had when going into the fair and were they fulfilled?

KG: In der Tat, wir hatten doch schon ein paar Erwartungen, freuten uns auf ein Wiedersehen und die (hoffentlich vielen) Fachgespräche mit Kunden und Interessenten. Diese Erwartungen wurden tatsächlich übertroffen, das konnte man bereits am Ende des zweiten Tages sagen.

We have the impression that there is a lot of movement in the retail sector. There are many projects underway for which customers are needing a reliable technology solution. Overall, the visitors were very open-minded, people were more open and there were many technical questions. We are happy about the good mood that prevailed here.

Which topics were in focus?

KG: Es ist erstaunlich, wie viele große und sehr große Unternehmen nach neuen Lösungen suchen. Wir konnten viele Termine mit Konzernen vereinbaren, die mehr als 200 Filialen haben und auch international gut aufgestellt sind. Ihre Fragen zielten immer wieder auf ein Thema: Wie kann ich den gesamten Prozess so gestalten, dass ich weniger Personal brauche bzw. mein Personal merklich entlastet wird.

Finding staff seems to be a big challenge?

KG: Eindeutig. Personal ist schwierig zu finden bzw., das darf man nicht unterschätzen, es zu halten. Technologie ist ein wichtiger Benefit, den das Unternehmen als Arbeitgeber bereitstellen kann, auch um sich damit attraktiver zu machen. Man muss den Mitarbeitenden Tools in die Hand geben, um die Arbeit effizienter zu gestalten. Denn letztendlich hilft Technologie, das Kundenerlebnis schöner und persönlicher zu gestalten. Nur wenn die Mitarbeitenden dafür Zeit haben, wenn sie sich weniger mit Verwaltung beschäftigen müssen, haben sie mehr Zeit für den Kunden.

How has the industry survived the restrictions in the Corona pandemic? What is your impression?

KG: Die EuroCIS ist eine Messe für mittlere und größere Unternehmen. Wir hatten insgesamt nur wenige kleine stationäre Einzelhändler getroffen. Was man stark bemerkt ist der Trend zur Konsolidierung, zum Zusammenschluss von Unternehmen. Leider sind doch einige Unternehmen verschwunden, oder aber gekauft oder zusammengeführt worden. Ein verständlicher Weg, um die Überlebenschancen zu vergrößern.

Are there special features of the three cash register solutions presented that were particularly important to the visitors?

KG: Was in der Tat alle drei vereint ist die Internationalität. Danach wurden wir am meisten gefragt. Das passt zum Trend der Konsolidierung.

You don't have a crystal ball, but how do you think retail technology will develop?

KG: Nicht so schnell, wie viele erwarten. Es ist doch eine sehr konservative Branche und das, was die Großen mit automatischen Stores und ähnlichem vorleben, wird bestimmt noch 5-10 Jahre dauern, bis es überall angekommen bzw. umgesetzt ist. Immerhin haben immer mehr Unternehmen heute verstanden, dass es jetzt um die Umsetzung geht. Man hat jahrelang über Digitalisierung, Payment und smarte Technologien geredet, aber die wenigsten haben es tatsächlich konsequent umgesetzt.

Significantly, one notices the "speed" in the acceptance of card payments. It took a pandemic for consumers to increasingly pay by card. In Germany we still love cash, in other countries card is the primary means of payment with over 90% coverage. This shows that Germany is rather conservative, especially when it comes to trust in technology.

Is there any more general feedback about the fair?

KG: Im Namen der Geschäftsführung möchte ich mich an dieser Stelle besonders bei dem gesamten MS POS Team bedanken. In diesem Jahr hatten wir auch Unterstützung von drei Mitarbeitern von unserem Standort in Lodz, Polen. Es war eine tolle Teamarbeit! Ohne den Einsatz und das große Engagement, vor und während der Messezeit wäre das alles nicht möglich gewesen. Darauf können wir stolz sein.

Impressions of the fair
Rückblick EuroCIS 2022
Okinii with new ordering system

Rollout completed in five locations

Japanese restaurant chain establishes customised ordering and checkout system

"With one click, we can import prices and changes into all five locations. Before the transition the POS system in each restaurant had to be always fed separately with data - this is now extremely simplified", reports Michael Peters enthusiastically - COO of the Okinii Restaurant Group.

Okinii Food
Pay once and eat as much as you like

Okinii - Sushi&Grill, the Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant chain with a total of 350 employees, offers its guests a real culinary experience with its modern hospitality concept. Okinii, which means "thank you" in German is characterised by innovation, maximum convenience and a unique ordering system. As soon as guests are sitting, the service staff unlocks the table and the guests can not only choose from a menu of over 120 Japanese dishes via smartphone, but also order them using their smartphone! Everything is precisely pre-configured: the drink requests are transmitted to the bar and the dishes are displayed on the kitchen monitor. As soon as the order is ready, it is served by the staff. There is a special offer concept: for a fixed value, each guest can order five dishes every 15 minutes within two hours. Pay once, eat as much as you like and enjoy à la carte in style! That is Okinii.

Okinii Logo
Rollout carried out in five German locations

Before the implementation of the new POS system unTill® with connection to the self-ordering interface Jamezz , the guests ordered via tablet. What initially established itself as a modern solution unfortunately developed over time more and more into an unstable tool with frequent system failures.
Since only one tablet was available per table, the ordering process was delayed as soon as several guests wanted to order at the same time.

In June 2021, the first changeover to the new POS and ordering system took place, initially at the location in Essen. In the meantime, the new system has been integrated at other Okinii restaurants in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Bonn. Bye Bye Tablet - Welcome Smartphone! This completes the rollout in five locations for the time being. From now on, guests can conveniently place their orders anywhere via their own smartphone.

What makes unTill® and Jamezz so special?

What criteria led the managing directors of Okinii to choose our POS system unTill® and the innovative self-ordering system Jamezz? "First and foremost, we were looking for a system with interfaces for other solutions. We also attached particular importance to merchandise management and the duty scheduling system E2N", explained Michael Peters.
"Moreover, we like the fact that the same layout can be seen on all end devices. The handling is simple and intuitive. Our employees were trained very quickly and even our temporary staff always get along well with it. For us in the back office, the web management is important, because now we get meaningful, manageable evaluations that also allow for much more accurate accounting. With the interface to the self-ordering tool Jamezz and the associated new ordering system, we were finally able to provide our guests with the decisive added value, which is now very well received. With almost 90% customer satisfaction, we are more than happy. Of course, we are happy to help older guests or regular customers who are not so familiar with using a smartphone", continues COO Peters.

With the new ordering option via their own smartphone, no guest has to wait long for the tablet to finally make the rounds. Everyone can "swipe" through the menu and beverage list individually according to their desired menu and order directly. The kitchen and service are so well set up that there are no long waits and the guests are continuously served with delicious dishes from Japanese cuisine. Once every two hours have passed and you have been able to order five new dishes every 15 minutes, i.e. a total of 40 delicacies to enjoy, payment is made directly to the service staff at the table, either in cash or with the card.

We at MS POS say thank you for the pleasant, cooperative partnership! We look forward to realising further projects with Okinii in the future.

MS POS - Kassensysteme für Retail und Gastronomie