TakeTask - the digital solution for your task and time management

Various media flood us every day, our receptivity is more and more exhausted - we all know this situation by now. Not only in our private lives, but also in our professional lives. Messages pop up all the time - appointments via email, tasks via Teams or requests via Whats App. Which task seems most important at this moment? When is feedback necessary and which instruction or guideline is binding at the moment?

Maintaining an overview here and improving communication in such a way that efficient, optimal work is possible is a real challenge.

To solve this problem, the two start-up managers Sebastian Starzynski and Marek Mroz developed the smartphone app "TakeTask". With the help of this tool, managers can easily and quickly create tasks and communicate them to employees. The employees carry them out and document both the process and the completion of the task.

In other words, task distribution is facilitated to enable consistent and efficient execution on a large scale and across many industries.

Possibilities for increasing efficiency

What does this mean for managers?

  • Simple and very flexible set-up of tasks - completely without IT support
  • Efficient task distribution
  • Immediate feedback, because employees have to confirm the tasks they have carried out
  • Transparent overview of tasks to be completed
  • Real-time access to critical data

What does this mean for employees?

  • Communication takes place via a unified platform
  • The task list is displayed in a prioritised manner
  • Instructions for execution or guidelines are linked to the tasks
  • Feedback is given directly after the task has been completed

Example of work instruction procedure

The big advantage of TakeTask

No IT knowledge is needed to set up the setup. Thanks to an intuitive drag & drop system, processes can be created and tasks assigned quickly and easily. Even employees who are not tech-savvy can get along excellently with the app. TakeTask is simple, intuitive and comfortable to use.

The front end for employees is clear and guides the user step-by-step through the individual tasks. Small graphical gimmicks and settings provide immediate feedback. One example is the so-called "Tinder screen": The employee works through his tasks and then takes a photo, for example, of the stocked shelf. This photo is checked by the manager. A swipe to the right means "everything is great", a swipe to the left means that something has been forgotten. The manager has the option to edit the picture and can, for example, circle an unfilled shelf and send it back with a short comment "Please fill it up!".

Especially in the backend, the user feels the great advantages of the no-code platform. No-code platform means that the development of new applications with the help of a graphical interface is also made possible for other professional groups that have no knowledge of application development. This makes it possible to map one's own work processes and offer options, explanations or feedback accordingly. Completely without the help of an IT department.

The app is based on Microsoft Azure and was programmed with Microsoft.net, the appearance was developed using Xamarin. Microsoft technologies offer simple integration and high security. Nevertheless, one has the option to choose between the Azure cloud instance or one's own on-premises environment. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

TakeTask can do even more
  • Digitise processes such as project coordination, questionnaires, presentations, recruitment, integrations and much more
  • Scan documents
  • Gamification
  • Distribution of information and training material
  • Trigger automatic push notifications
  • Display task progress in real time, e.g. through feedback via photos
  • Use GPS tracking to trigger the task for a specific location only
  • Use List and Map View to personalise the task list and adapt it to the location
Visible successes mark TakeTask
  • Sales figures increase because there are fewer shelf gaps. Planning programmes are much easier to adhere to because staff always have access to the relevant information. Offers and promotions can also be implemented more quickly and easily.
  • Own losses are reduced. Digitised task management means that important tasks such as cleaning or temperature checks are carried out more often and more regularly.
  • Customer satisfaction goes up. The full potential of the sales goods is utilised, as they are always available and in the best condition.
  • Work efficiency increases. Communication channels are made easier and faster through appropriate guidelines. Employees know which tasks need to be prioritised.
  • The distribution of tasks reduces the time required. Instructions and videos are available for support. Employees automatically receive notifications when a new task needs to be carried out. Reporting on the completion of the task works effectively and quickly.
  • Reporting facilitates decision-making. The data transmitted in real time is of high quality and always allows the most favourable decisions to be made.

TakeTask is an excellent solution for optimally managing tasks and time. By digitally standardising processes, tasks are efficiently distributed and executed.
On the website of TakeTask you can find more detailed information or request a demo version.
As a TakeTask partner, we will of course be happy to advise you individually. Please contact us!