„Corona-Überbrückungshilfe III“

Investment support for small and medium-sized enterprises

The Überbrückungshilfe III is intended to support all companies affected by the effects of the pandemic. We have researched the website of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for you and summarized the current information in an overview. The latest changes from April are also included here. An essential note on this: Please note that all applications for Überbrückungshilfe III can only be submitted through tax advisors, auditors, certified public accountants or attorneys.

In addition, however, we also wanted to know specifically which digitization projects are eligible for funding under Überbrückungshilfe III. The list of eligible projects in the areas of software systems, technical conversions, acquisitions and marketing can be found here:

Eligible projects
„Überbrückungshilfe III“ - The main key data

Name of the support program

„Corona-Überbrückungshilfe III“ for small and medium-sized enterprises

Supported by the

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


  • The Überbrückunshhilfe III may be applied for up to eight months (11/20-06/21)
  • November/December assistance: application deadline is 04/30-2021
  • Januar bis Juni: Anträge können bis zum 31. August 2021 gestellt werden
  • Change requests can be submitted since 04/27-2021

Who is allowed to apply ?

All enterprises with more than 30% sales slump can get the staggered fixed cost reimbursement.

  1. enterprises from all economic sectors of all sizes that meet the various eligibility conditions. (company size, drop in sales)
  2. solo self-employed and self-employed members of the liberal professions in their main occupation
  3. non-profit enterprises and organizations, regardless of their legal form, which are permanently economically active on the market

Who makes the application?

Tax consultants, auditors, certified public accountants and lawyers
(costs incurred are reimbursed on a pro rata basis within the framework of the Überbrückungshilfe III)

What´s new with Überbrückungshilfe III ?

  • Equity grant for companies with a sales slump of at least 50% in at least three months in the period from November 2020 to June 2021
  • For companies with a sales slump of more than 70%: Increase fixed cost reimbursement to 100%
  • Eligibility to apply for church enterprises and startups founded by Oct. 31, 2020
  • Special depreciation options for more goods
  • For companies in the event, culture and travel industry, in addition to the general personnel cost allowance, a start-up allowance of 20% of the payroll that would have been incurred in the corresponding reference month in 2019 will be introduced for each month of support. The maximum total funding amount of this start-up aid is 2 million euros
  • The event and culture industry can additionally claim cancellation and preparation costs incurred up to 12 months before the start of the planned event date
  • Applicants will be given the option to choose alternative comparative periods to determine the revenue shortfall in 2019 in justified cases where there are exceptional operational circumstances
  • Companies and solo self-employed persons are granted a retrospective right to choose between restart assistance and bridging assistance III at the time of final accounting

What is the funding amount ?

The amount of support for the individual company is calculated on the basis of the drop in sales in the months of support in relation to the respective comparative months in 2019. Small and micro-enterprises as well as solo self-employed persons or self-employed members of the liberal professions can choose to use the respective monthly average of the annual sales in 2019 for comparison.

Überbrückungshilfe III reimburses a portion of up to

  • up to 100% of the eligible fixed costs in the event of a drop in sales of > 70%
  • up to 60 % of the eligible fixed costs in the event of a sales slump ≥ 50 % and ≤ 70 %
  • up to 40 % of the eligible fixed costs in the event of a drop in sales ≥ 30 % and < 50 %. in the eligible month compared to the corresponding month in 2019
  • The maximum grant is €1,500,000 per grant month.
  • The maximum grant for affiliated companies is 3,000,000 euros per funding month.

All information as of April 21 - further, detailed information can be found at this link:
Überbrückungshilfe Unternehmen - Überbrückungshilfe III (ueberbrueckungshilfe-unternehmen.de)

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